Grab yourself a great cocktail

Gunners is a creation of greatness. Brothers Eric Palm of 14 years of Matchbox fame and Dan Palm of Silver Palm came together to create this small bar, emphasizing the importance of classic cocktails and good, simple food. In fact, simply calling it a bar seems almost an insult.

If you’re heading to Gunners, be prepared to enjoy a classic cocktail. Sure, you could order a vodka soda or a PBR (it is Wicker Park after all — and yes, many of our writers did partake in this tradition). But a good cocktail is what they do best. When was the last time you heard someone order a Gimlet or a Sidecar? It may have been awhile, but they’re delicious, if somewhat outdated in terms of the trendiness of mixology these days. I opted for a margarita because I am a sucker for margaritas served like martinis. A margarita on the rocks has its purpose, and don’t even get me started on that frozen crap, but a well-chilled margarita with the right ingredients served up in a martini glass is a thing of beauty. They do a lot of their martinis with a sugar rim, which isn’t my favorite, but is certainly a nice touch.

The main menu is short, but incorporating bar favorites with little twists and spins all over the place. Three Floyd’s beer battering enhances typical onion rings and chicken tenders, and many menu items come served with house-made sauces. Mini chorizo tacos with just the slightest hint of pineapple topped with pico de gallo were a delicious steal at $1 a piece on Tuesdays. And since we left I’ve been thinking of returning to try the Hog’s Boss.

Gunners is certainly worth a stop in the diverse bar world of Wicker Park. The dark wood paneling will transport you to a time of simple cocktails and intimate conversation.

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