· Our assistant general manager Zhu got his Award nomination as a “Jiangyin Ten Outstanding...  【08.23】
 · Jiangyin`s Secretary of the Municipal Party committee Chen Jinhu came to the construction ...  【08.23】
 · Our company won the “top ten advanced unit” award for reconstruction of Jiangyin  【08.23】
 · Our company started with the introduction of the industry`s top small modulus gear machine...  【08.23】
 · The technical project of our company are classified as city`s technology demonstration pro...  【08.23】
 · A part from our company`s staff went to Europe to study the advanced enterprises.  【08.23】
 · Our company`s broach has been identified as a high-tech product in Jiangsu Province  【08.23】
 · Our company has been listed as a science and technology little giant enterprise  【08.23】
 · The Jiangyin SAT Precision Tools co.,Ltd academician workstation has been inaugurated.  【08.23】
 · Promoting capacity upgrade  【08.23】
 · Academician Wang Li Ding –Chinese Academy of Sciences- came to our company to inspect the...  【08.23】
 · The National Machinery Industry trade association allowed the company building a “small m...  【08.23】
 · Our Company successfully held the 2014 national gear technology seminar  【08.23】
 · Our new website officially launched  【08.23】
 · Promoting capacity upgrade  【09.10】
 · Academician Wang Liding to visit our company guidance  【07.11】
 · National trade associations allowed the company building "small modulus hob Machinery ...  【07.11】
 · Successfully hosted "2014 National Technical Seminar gear"  【07.11】
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