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Our assistant general manager Zhu got his Award nomination as a “Jiangyin Ten Outstanding Youth”

In Jiangyin City, on May 3, held in memorial for the 97 anniversary of the 4th May Movement, the seventh session of Jiangyin Ten Outstanding Youth. Recognition of the meeting, from Jiangyin Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League commended ceremoniously a group of Jiangyin Ten Outstanding Youth.  Our Assistant General Manager Zhu Yuan won the seventh Jiangyin ten outstanding Youth” title and also the title “New Long March Pace-Setters of Jiangyin City”.

Jiangyin City Vice-Mayor Tang Zhongxian (1st from the right) and Zhu Yuan (2nd from left), such as the seventh “Jiangyin Ten Outstanding Youth” nominated Laureate of the Award.

Seventh session of “Jiangyin Ten Outstanding Youth” and “New Long March Pace-Setters of Jiangyin” selection activities:

- The Communist Jiangyin municipal organization Department,

- the Communist Jiangyin municipal propaganda,

- the League Jiangyin municipal,

- the Jiangyin broadcast TV group,

- the Jiangyin day newspaper,

- the Jiangyin Youth Federation joint held,

aimed at better to recognition and publicity in Jiangyin economic and social development.

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